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If you need pest control services, Penguin Pest Control is the right choice for you. We always use eco-friendly products which can effectively control any given pest. We understand that safety is important to a family as at Penguin Pest Control, we also have a family, children and pets. Safety is our priority. We are absolutely dedicated to using safe products, in a safe manner. Our technicians follow the safest practices. We always use the most environmentally responsible products that can effectively remove pests

At Penguin Pest Control, we specialize in offering exceptional spring pest control services. As this is the beginning of the pest season, insects strive to increase their population, start foraging for food and set about establishing nesting areas. In order to prevent reproduction and possible invasion by pests, we apply a residual treatment around the exterior of your home and at its entry points. 

Our team will inspect your property thoroughly and suggest the most appropriate solution. We help in the prevention of pests such as termites, bedbugs, ticks and ants. Let us keep your property pest-free. Give us a call today at (970) 549-0740 to learn more about our services. 

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